About Us


Civilian Armory LLC is a small family owned company. We are gun enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment supporters. We are regular people who are taking full advantage of the right to keep and bear arms.  We think law-abiding civilians should be armed and should train to use their firearms. We shoot for fun, we shoot to train, we shoot to hunt, or even to defend.  We are like you; we don’t like to limit the capacity of our magazines. That is why we took our ideas and put them in motion. Civilian Armory LLC exists to create unique and useful accessories for every gun owner.


Our commitment to you,


Integrity – Civilian Armory must always be honest in every transaction, professional in appearance, and must always defend the right to keep and bear arms by demanding responsible use of firearms.


Quality – From design to production, Civilian Armory has made conscious choices to seek quality over better profits. Civilian Armory chooses to manufacture in the USA because we believe we have access to higher quality materials. We will spend the extra time it takes to come up with a better design that works, as it should fits as it should.


Inclusive – Civilian Armory was created to be an inclusive company so that all legal gun owners and enthusiast feel welcome to share in our passion for shooting sports, hunting, and guns in general. You do not need a resume, but if you have one you are welcome too. Civilian Armory will strive to treat customers based on their passion for the sport, not their knowledge or level of experience.


Customer Satisfaction – Always strive to give the customer the best experience from pre-sale, during the sale, and always after the sale. If a customer is not satisfied, it is the obligation of Civilian Armory to hear them out and find a solution.


If we have failed to meet any of your expectations, or not lived up to our commitment; please let us know. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Civilian Armory.




Erik Seymour, President